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Vinyl Curtains Can Extend the Use of Outdoor Spaces

As cooler weather approaches, you may be looking for ways to extend the usefulness of your outdoor living or entertaining space. Clear, vinyl curtains offer an easy and affordable means of doing just that. Clear vinyl offers exceptional clarity and flexibility when it comes to maintaining an outdoor feel while providing protection from colder temperatures, […]

Keeping Your Customer Comfortable With A Vestibule

As fall becomes darker and there’s a noticeable chill in the air, we enter the winter months in the Northeast. With that cold, comes rain, snow and harsh weather that is a challenge for many businesses. While we may be used to it, that doesn’t mean we have to like it or be stuck outside […]

Restaurant Patio Enclosures Extend the Use of Outdoor Space

Outdoor dining continues to grow in popularity all across the country as diners enjoy relaxing in a casual, outdoor atmosphere. For restaurateurs, capitalizing on this trend gives them a cost effective means of not only attracting new patrons, but also adding seating without the hassle and expense of brick and mortar construction. Here in New […]

Why a Pergola?

Nothing calls to mind romantic summer nights more than watching the sunset, drink in hand, under a beautiful, vine-draped pergola. Pergolas, or overhead arbors, are typically freestanding, though they can be attached to a structure such as your home or other building. While it is not necessary to cover them with greenery, they are traditionally […]

Timing Is Everything

When it’s 90 degrees and you’re sweating over your grill cooking for a crowd of thirty, sure, it’s hard not to focus on getting that awning – NOW. But unfortunately, Rome wasn’t build in a day, and neither is a quality outdoor structure, especially when it’s the busy season. Just like when the first snowflake […]

PAMA Energy Study Shows Fabric Awnings Can Reduce Residential Cooling Costs by More Than 50%

Everyone knows that awnings and external shades provide visual interest and shade for homes, but they can also provide significant energy savings especially during the hot, summer months. Rising energy costs and tighter household budgets are bringing to light how this one-time investment can play a significant role in reducing energy consumption and expenses. A […]

Quality In Equals Quality Out

Anything you create will only be as good as what you put into and that’s why we only use the highest quality parts and materials from only the trusted leaders in the awning and enclosure industry. We have spent decades researching and testing materials for use in our projects. We have worked hard to find […]

Recyling for a Cause

Based on the mission of a non-profit organization, Destination Imagination programs offer students the opportunity to solve open-ended “challenges” that incorporate STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), the arts, and service learning disciplines. Elementary, middle, and high school students form teams of up to seven members, and each team selects one of seven challenges […]

Dermatologists Sponsor Shade Grants For Schools and Non-profits

Malignant melanoma, a type of skin cancer, is diagnosed in approximately 160,000 Americans each year, and overexposure to UV radiation, commonly known as sunburn, in children is one of the biggest risk factors contributing to Malignant melanoma. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends limiting UV exposure as one of the most effective means of […]

Use Awnings to Reduce Energy Costs in Summer

This Article is from Bob Vila, this content originally appeared Here. Homeowners looking to reduce air conditioning costs and shield interior furnishings from the sun’s harsh glare may want to consider adding awnings. Fixed or retractable awnings can significantly reduce a home’s air conditioning usage in the summer, saving an estimated $200 or more annually, according […]