When it’s 90 degrees and you’re sweating over your grill cooking for a crowd of thirty, sure, it’s hard not to focus on getting that awning – NOW. But unfortunately, Rome wasn’t build in a day, and neither is a quality outdoor structure, especially when it’s the busy season. Just like when the first snowflake falls and our thoughts turn to skiing and sledding (or, shoveling and plowing!), it’s not uncommon to find the shelves of our favorite sporting goods supplier bare and not a bag of rock salt or a single shovel to be found. So when the temperatures creep up and the flowers start to bloom, our thoughts naturally turn to outdoor living and entertaining and it can be disappointing to hear that your awning won’t be ready for that graduation or July 4th party.

So as it is with any snowstorm, luck favors the prepared. If you want to enjoy your awning for the entire summer, or if you have a particular event for which you’d like to have it, start your planning well in advance and, if possible, consider starting your project in the off season. Winter is a great time to start the consultation process and place your order. Scheduling your installation in February will ensure that you have your pick of service dates and, if you have an awning or structure that needs to be stored for the winter, scheduling take down and storage in the early fall ensures that your structure is safely stored before it can be damaged by the first snow storm.

With a little bit of planning, you can avoid the stress of the seasonal rush and enjoy your outdoor living space from the first blooms of spring to the last leaf of fall, all under the comfort and protection of your custom awning or outdoor enclosure.