As cooler weather approaches, you may be looking for ways to extend the usefulness of your outdoor living or entertaining space. Clear, vinyl curtains offer an easy and affordable means of doing just that.

Clear vinyl offers exceptional clarity and flexibility when it comes to maintaining an outdoor feel while providing protection from colder temperatures, wind, snow, rain and pests.  Vinyl curtains can be added to nearly any structure with a roof using a curtain tracking system or heavy duty Velcro tape and removed just as easily. Less expensive than screens, vinyl systems also create an extra layer of insulation between your patio and main structure reducing energy consumption.

Vinyl curtains are also easy to clean and maintain, requiring just a quick wipe down with mild soap and water every few months. During warmer months, or in the dead of winter, the curtains can be removed and easily stored, just be sure to remove them when the temperatures are above 0 degrees Fahrenheit as the vinyl can crack if you attempt to fold it in extreme cold.

Vinyl curtains are an ideal solution for any location, residential or commercial, that needs some protection from the elements, but would still like to create an outdoor environment with an indoor climate. Hotels, resorts and restaurants that boast beautiful views can continue to provide them to their patrons and homeowners can continue to enjoy their outdoor spaces as well. Advances in materials has even made it possible for vinyl curtains to be used in conjunction with space heaters to make your outdoor space usable even in the coldest winter months, while curtain tracking systems and zippered openings, make for ease of use and accessibility to the space.

As fall becomes darker and there’s a noticeable chill in the air, we enter the winter months in the Northeast. With that cold, comes rain, snow and harsh weather that is a challenge for many businesses. While we may be used to it, that doesn’t mean we have to like it or be stuck outside in it, and neither do your customers. Adding a vestibule to your entrance is an easy way to offer shelter to patrons waiting outside and protect those already inside from the inevitable cold draft.

What is a vestibule?

A vestibule is a small room or hallway that connects the outside to the interior of a building. They are used for many purposes, one of the most popular being protection from the elements, though they can also serve as waiting areas, coat closets, lobbies and more. A vestibule provides an anteroom where patrons can come in from the elements before entering the establishment proper giving them a comfortable place to wait if they’re not quite ready, or are unable, to enter. This ‘buffer’ space also provides protection for your business as well, protecting patrons already inside from cold drafts and reducing high energy costs due to heat loss.

How can my business benefit from a vestibule?

At Atlantic Awning, we have installed hundreds of vestibules over the years, for a variety of applications. Applications are as various as the business and location where the vestibule is needed. Here are a few examples of vestibules we’ve installed in the Greater Boston area.

Outdoor dining continues to grow in popularity all across the country as diners enjoy relaxing in a casual, outdoor atmosphere. For restaurateurs, capitalizing on this trend gives them a cost effective means of not only attracting new patrons, but also adding seating without the hassle and expense of brick and mortar construction.

Here in New England, our outdoor dining season is shorter than that of more temperate regions and the summer sun and spring rains can also limit the usability of outdoor dining areas. The addition of a patio enclosure can help increase the number of days your outdoor space can be used and, with the addition of an overhead awning or canopy, fans, heaters and even TV screens, your outdoor space takes on the ambience of a truly ‘finished’ room.

A well designed patio enclosure offers protection from the elements as well as providing privacy for your diners. Enclosures featuring roll-up or removable panels offer the flexibility to create a more open feel when the weather calls for it. The variety of materials available today allow for maximum flexibility in the design and size of these enclosures making them a viable option for nearly any establishment and space.