Retractable Awnings

Compact, attractive and easy to use, Retractable Awnings are a simple way to add comfortable living and entertaining space to your home, while also offering protection from the elements. Customers enjoy the wide range of features available when designing their retractable awning including size, projection, frame color, and manual or remote operation. The fabric selections available for Retractable Awnings is endless, allowing clients to custom design their awning from start to finish. Using only the highest quality materials from industry leaders including Sunbrella, Sattler, Para, Dickson, Somfy, Sunair, Stobag and Eastern, Atlantic Awning is proud to offer the highest quality Retractable Awnings available.

We are pleased to announce the latest features and upgrades that customers can now choose from when ordering a retractable awning! Atlantic Awning now offers the option to add Heaters, Motorized 2-channel Remotes, Awning Assist Braces for extra stability on larger awnings and awnings that are installed, Somfy My Link, which is a WiFi to RTS bridge that can control up to 5 channels of RTS motorized products. More details