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Elevate Your Commercial Space with Premier Sidewalls

Are you looking to revamp your commercial space with walls that speak volumes about your taste and stand strong against the test of time? You’re in the right place! Why Sidewall? In business, first impressions last, and your space’s sidewalls are more than just partitions—they’re a canvas for your brand’s story. That’s why we offer […]

Make your old chairs and chaises like new!

As the sun ascends higher and the days grow longer, your outdoor retreat beckons you for moments of relaxation. But could the weary mesh of your chaise lounges and outdoor chairs be detracting from your haven of tranquility? Here at Atlantic Awning, we understand that the fabric of your outdoor furniture endures the brunt of […]

Weather The Storm With An Awning Solution

As winter wraps its icy embrace around us and the days seem to linger in cold dreariness, let’s embark on a journey of warmth and optimism. Picture this: a vibrant scene where your outdoor space transforms into a haven of comfort and joy. Envision the gentle hum of a retractable awning, the allure of a […]

Keep Your Restaurant Tables Full and Your Customers Warm

As the crisp autumn air sets in and winter approaches, restaurant owners face the challenge of keeping their tables full while ensuring that customers remain warm and comfortable. One effective solution is the use of custom curtains and vestibules. Let’s look at how these practical additions can enhance the dining experience, attract more patrons, and […]


The Versatility of Curtains and Side Panels

When it comes to optimizing the functionality and aesthetics of commercial spaces, one often overlooked but incredibly versatile solution is the use of side curtains and panels. These unassuming additions can serve a multitude of purposes, from enhancing privacy to boosting energy efficiency and even elevating the visual appeal of a business. Let’s take a […]

Stay Cool, Save Big, and Combat Global Warming

Atlantic Awning’s Shade Solutions As temperatures continue to rise due to the impact of global warming, it has become more crucial than ever to seek effective solutions to combat excessive heat and UV rays. We, believe that creating shaded spaces with shade sails, pergolas, and awnings is not just a matter of comfort but also […]

Looking to Upgrade Your Property? Awnings are a great way!

Commercial properties often benefit from the installation of awnings, which serve as practical and aesthetically pleasing additions. Awnings offer various advantages, including protection from the elements, enhanced branding opportunities, energy efficiency, and increased outdoor seating or display areas. When it comes to commercial properties, there are several types of awnings to consider, each with its […]

Enhancing Commercial Spaces: The Benefits of Pergolas

Are you a business owner looking to enhance your commercial property? Consider the benefits of adding a pergola and unlock its potential for increased customer satisfaction, improved branding, and enhanced outdoor experiences. When it comes to commercial properties, creating an inviting and aesthetically pleasing environment is essential. One element that can greatly enhance the appeal […]